Little Known Way to Increase the Effectiveness of your Sidebar

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floating sidebar diy marketing hack

Happy Friday!

As you are reading this I am in the air flying to Costa Rica for 10 days of…nothing.

Me + Wife @ Beach = Happy Time!

However, I’m not leaving you cold turkey. I’ve written 3 pretty snazzy DIY marketing hacks for you to munch on over the next week.

They’ll be hitting your inbox Today, next Tuesday and next Friday.

I plan on checking email and this blog exactly ZERO times while I’m gone. So, if I don’t respond to your email or comment – don’t take it personally.

In fact I’m taking a page out of Michael Hyatt’s book and setting this as my Gmail autoresponder.

My vacation autoresponder

In short, if you need me holler at me on September 1st..



On Tuesday, Alex Foo asked “What plugin do you use to have your 2 right side widgets scroll down the page with user?

Alex is referring to these… Continue Reading…

Scroll Box: For Everyone that Hates Popups

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Growing up my mom used to tell me, “Bryan, it’s not what you say but how you say it!”

I HATED hearing that.

Such a cliche.

Turns out…she was right.

Who knew.

A few weeks ago I wrote extensively on using popups to grow your email list (here and here).

I got a lot of this in response…

“But BRYAN I don’t like using popups. They are SO annoying!”

First, get over yourself. It’s not about what YOU think is annoying. It’s about what your readers like and use.

Second, if you just can’t bring yourself to install a popup on your site BUT you really want to get more email subscribers I have an alternative for you. Continue Reading…

Last week I introduced you to the Expanded Guest Post.

We looked at a case study of how you can write one article for someone elses site and generate 500 new email subscribers to YOUR business.

Many of you have spent months screwing around on your blog and haven’t cracked 100 subscribers yet.

I know…I was one of you.

With the Expanded Guest Post (EGP) I routinely get 500 in one week.

In fact, I had an EGP go live last Friday that generated 323 new email subscribers in the first 3 days.

I promised to show you how to create an Expanded Guest Post and that’s exactly what you’ll learn today.

You need to start thinking about every article you write like being a new salesman for your company.

If constructed properly, it will consistently bring new leads and customers to your business.

I’m going to walk you through the exact step-by-step of how to create your first one.

Also, be sure to read all of the way through for a special behind the scenes training video.

Let’s jump into the details. Continue Reading…

Are you ripping people off by charging 3x the price?

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If you had the choice to pay $325 or $95 for the exact same item which would you chose?

Same packaging, same manufacturer…everything is identical.

Easy answer right?

Last week our car started making a loud noise. After fiddling around with it we figured out that the exhaust manifold cracked.

So, I called up a local repair shop and they quoted me $575 to fix it. I asked them for a breakdown of parts and labor.

Parts: $350

Labor: $225

That seemed high so I called Autozone to get a price on the part. They said…

It’s in stock and costs $185.


I picked up the phone and called the repair shop back and asked why they were charging $350 and Autozone was charging $180.

“Was the part from Autozone inferior in some way?”

They said “No sir, it’s the exact same part we just have a markup on all of our parts. If you’d like to buy it yourself and bring it in then we can install the Autozone part for you”


I dug around a little more and eventually found that same part for $185, $125 and $90.


  • $350 from the Shop
  • $185 from Autozone
  • $125 from Amazon
  • $90 from eBay

What about your business? What are you paying 2-3x for that could easily be found for less money with 10 minutes of research? Continue Reading…

How to get 500 email subscribers in less than 30 minutes

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expanded guest post header

Let’s get straight to the point…

Today you are going to learn a quick little formula to get 500 email subscribers with less than 30 minutes of work.

Sounds scammy right?

It’s not. Continue Reading…