Mailbag: How to steal from your friends

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It’s Friday, which means this afternoon you’ll be doing your best to pretend to work while secretly wishing you were somewhere else.

I’m here for you.

Our tool of the week is WhatFont. I’m working on spiffing up this website and wanted to steal James‘s font type.

But trying to figure out what font type and size he uses was a major pain.

Then I found WhatFont. You just click a button, then click on the text, and it tells you the exact font family and a ton of other confusing-looking stuff.

Happy stealing.

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Case Study: How I outsource crucial tasks at Videofruit

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Note: We’re halfway through the Vault launch and there are just a handful of passes left. I’ll be shutting everything down at 5 p.m. on Friday October 10th. So, if you want to join…get to it… (Join the Vault)

I have two friends. See if you can spot the difference in them…

(names and details are changed to protect the innocent)

My buddy Steve:

Steve is a copywriter who lives in Nashville, TN. He works a normal 9-5 job and spends his day writing email copy for banks.

You know those automated messages you get from your bank, like, “Notice: You’ve had a large withdrawal from your account“?

Yeah, Steve wrote that.

He’s been doing this type of work since he graduated college. He likes it alright, but it’s a bit repetitive and doesn’t really get him fired up in the mornings.

When I started Videofruit I introduced him to the world of direct response copywriting. Sales pages, launch sequences and the like.

He started a blog shortly after Continue Reading…

Introducing the Vault

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Special Announcement: Today I am launching my first new product of the year, the Vault. There are 100 Vault passes available. Details are below.

A few years ago, I spent nearly every waking hour in a cubicle.

I have a terrible memory, so there aren’t too many dates that I have memorized but September 13th, 2013 is one of them. That was the day I quit my corperate cubicle gig. Over the next 12 months I bootstrapped my business to six figures in revenue.

In the process, I found a proven formula that allowed me to grow extremely fast.

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The Vault: My personal list of contractors, workflows and templates

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I’ve wasted so much time.

A few weeks ago, I spent five hours trying to find an Infusionsoft guru to help me build and customize an order form. The default order form looked like it was designed by my 3-year-old nephew, and I wanted something slightly less… ugly.

I wrote an ad, screened applicants, did a few test jobs and finally hired someone. Then, after all of that, the person I hired sucked.

So, I fired him and hired 5 more people. Why 5? Because I’ve found that 4 out of 5 people suck at their job. Why not hire 5 at once, find the one that is really good, and short-cut the entire process?

Bwahaha! Bryan not dumb.

That’s when I found Jacob. My Infusionsoft man.

He’s $30 per hour, English-speaking, and does a great job.

Finding good people is HARD!

Over the past 24 months I’ve found a lot of bad contractors and the occasional diamond in the rough.

Then a few months ago, I began to notice something. You kept asking for recommendations. Continue Reading…

Case Study: How to launch a product with a tiny email list

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I hear you and I see you.

(That’s what my therapist tells me to say every time I want to lash out.)

This week I’ve documented two product launch case studies, Nathan Barry and One Month Stripe. You’ve learned the intimate details of each launch and how you can apply the same strategies to your business. Combined they have sold $31,000 of product in 4 days.

But when I hit publish on the One Month Stripe case study a few days ago, something weird happened. You started making excuses.

Normally you are an action-oriented person. But over the last two days you’ve been an excuse-filled mess.

This is the problem…

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