Easiest Way to Turn Readers into Email Subscribers (in under 30 minutes)

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A few days ago I showed you the #1 technique for growing an email list.

Here it is again: You need to create a downloadable bonus for EVERY blog post your write. Instead of having one universal toolkit or eBook, create a very specific bonus each time you write a post.

These bonuses are called - content upgrades.

Content upgrades turn your readers into subscribers better than any other single tactic out there. I normally experience 20-30% opt-in rates on these bonuses and some have been as high as 62%!

For comparison sake, a popup that is optimized to the max has a 6-8% conversion rate.

Would you rather have a 6% conversion rate or a 30% conversion rate?

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Want to get an expert to write on your blog? Do this

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You are sitting down to write an article for your…(let’s say)…workout blog called “The Diaries of a Weak Middle Class White Guy.”

…and like any good procrastinating writer you check your email before you get started.

and BAM!

In your inbox is a personal email from CrossFit GOD Rich Froning…

The post that you were starting to write is entitled “10 Workouts That Take Less Than 10 Minutes.”

…and to your utter surprise Rich (the top Crossfit athlete in the world) sent you an email with 3 of his favorite workouts that take less than 10 minutes.

What are the odds, right?

Then it happens again. Samantha Briggs (the top female CrossFit athlete in the world) emails you with 3 of her top workouts as well.

Your mind is blown.

Which article do you think will get more traffic and mentions?

The lame article you were about to write OR the one supported by two of the top experts in your space.

Easy answer.

Today, I’m going to show you exactly how to make email magically appear in your inbox from the top experts in your field. Continue Reading…

Back in May I was sitting around a campfire with some buddies when a thought popped in my head.

The thought was actually just a word. One word.


5 days later I sold my lawn mower and bought two canoes off of Craigslist.

This was all kinds of awesome…

For one, I didn’t have to mow my lawn anymore. After all I didn’t own a lawnmower. So…I hired a guy.

AND we were the proud owners of two canoes. It just so happens that we live next to a 50,000 acre lake that I recently discovered has 32 islands scattered throughout.

My inner Huck Fin was going wild!

Anyway, our first canoe trip consisted of me single handedly carrying this gigantic 18′ canoe over 200 yards from the parking lot to the edge of the lake.

It was EXHAUSTING. You try it sometime.

Then I discovered this contraption:

This isn’t my actual canoe. I stole this picture off of the internet.

It’s a canoe caddie. Just set your canoe in it, throw the strap around and start pulling.

Instead of being completely exhausted before I even get in the canoe the caddie made it super easy to transport. Now I can carry the canoe without breaking a sweat.

Today I’m going to introduce you to the canoe caddie for building the #1 asset in your business – your email list. Continue Reading…

One old dusty Appsumo email made me $1,600

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Last week I started an experiment. I setup a 3-step funnel that led my readers from a blog post, through a free course and ended with a pitch for a new product.

Here is my way over complicated whiteboard drawing of how it works.

Don’t study this too hard, It doesn’t fully make sense to me either.

The funnel itself is a topic for another day. Today’s topic is writing better emails.

Last week I showed you a quick example of how rearranging a few words can make a big difference in how your customers interact with you. In that example our email subscription rate increased by 500% with a few tweaks to the copy.

That’s fun and all but the bigger questions is, “How do you know what tweaks to make?

In my mind there are 3 potential options: Continue Reading…

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to create a high converting pop-up in 5 minutes

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Tutorial: Start the 2-part pop-up training series and download 3 editable templates to start growing your list today. (Start the Training)
As I write this I’m sitting in a small two story cottage in Austin, TX.

I’ve been hanging out and working with Noah Kagan and his team at Appsumo all week.

I tend to hole up in my office in Nashville and only come out on Saturdays and Sundays for fresh air. It’s been a nice change of pace to work around other creative people and you know…see other human beings during the day.

Funny story…

We flew in Sunday night and spent the rest of the day touring the city. Afterwards we came to our little 2nd story cottage and crashed. Then somewhere around 4 a.m. on Monday it started.

A rooster commenced crowing or yodeling or whatever male chickens do…at the top of his lungs!

AT 4 AM!

It isn’t like we are off in the stix somewhere we are in a densely populated urban area of Austin (pop. 800,000+).

Anyway, since I’m fairly obsessed with my business and learning everything I can from any source possible, I became intrigued. I did what any sensible person would do and Googled, ‘Why do roosters crow?”

I thought, “maybe there is some super interesting answer that will fascinate me enough to prevent me from strangling the little creature.”

Turns out there is.

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