The 33rd Time

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The biggest lesson I’ve learned this year came from watching a mouse trying to tote a cracker home for dinner (link below).

In the video a little bitty mouse tries to pick up a gigantic cracker and throw it 3 inches above its head so it can take it to its little mouse family for a nice dinner.

But guess what happens?

Raise your hand if you’re frustrated with your email list.

(C’mon, raise it.)


Why have other people broken through, rapidly built their audiences and launched products, yet you are still floundering?

Here is why: Because you are doing the same freaking things that 100,000 other bloggers are doing.

The same lame guest posts on the same 10 blogs.

The same lame blog commenting strategy.

The same lame round-up posts then emailing me to tell me to share it.

The same lame procrastination technique of “redesigning your website.”

Just. Stop.

Stop doing what everyone else is doing.

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How do you make money from your email list? For most people it means creating a product.

A physical product like a journal or guitar.

Or a digital product like an app or a course.

Products aren’t easy though. They take months to create and years to perfect. What if there was an easier way?

What if there was a way to quickly grow your list to 1,000 subscribers and then immediately start generating $200 to $800 per month in recurring revenue? And what if it involved you creating NO product at all?

Is it possible? Well…check this out.

A few months ago I put a little bar at top of every page on my website.

It looked like this…

The technical name for this bar is a universal call to action. Which is really just a fancy way of saying “something that everyone on your website sees no matter what page they are on.”

It works like this: You write a sexy little headline, give out something of value and you get leads in return.

Only problem was, when I looked at the numbers, I noticed that it wasn’t all that effective.

Here are the numbers:

2,500 people saw the bar

45 people clicked the bar

Total conversion rate = 1.8%

Want more people to join your email newsletter?

Ask them. :)

Last night I was sitting on the couch, watching TV and checking Twitter when I saw something that made me feel really silly.

I’m always trying to devise new ways to grow my list. New apps, tips, tricks and techniques.

And then I saw this…