2015 Online Business Bad Lip Reading

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Want to know how to fail?

Work on two big projects at the same time.

I’m in the middle of doing just that (a new course and a new app).

I love it, though. The grind. The work. The building.


You have to stop and have some fun.

Or else you’ll look up 3 years from now and hate what you do. And that sucks.

So, today…

While I’m in the middle of grinding out these two projects, I made something that will force you to smile–and have fun.


The thing that got me into online business 3 years ago was watching Gary Vaynerchuk’s Web 2.0 talk from 2008. It was incredible.

Seeing people that have “made it” talk about their journey and teach others how to do the same thing, it’s freaking motivating. And it gets me through big projects like this.


I had some fun and put together a special compilation of some of my favorite clips. But with a little twist.

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Ditch the Sidebar on Your Website and Increase Conversion Rates by 26%

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How often do you click a website’s sidebar?

I’ll tell you.

0.3% of the time.

In other words, for every 1,000 people who come to your website, 3 people will click on the sidebar.


In case you were wondering…

Yes, that is really lousy.

By comparison, 200 out of every 1,000 people who came to this blog post clicked the call to action and opted in to my email list.

So, what would happen if you removed the sidebar and focused your readers’ attention solely on the content instead?

Recently Devesh and I ran an experiment to find out for ourselves. Continue Reading…

It’s Friday morning and time for the mailbag.

But a little news from the Harris household before we get started…

1. We just found out that my wife is pregnant. (Boom!)

2. The poor kid probably won’t have a name until we are forced at gunpoint by the doctor to name it.

So, if you have any good kid names, feel free to drop them into the comment section below.

Also, I’ll go on record saying that Instagram and Twitter will most likely be filled with adorable little baby pictures in T minus 6 months.

So if you’re not into that type of thing…you’ve been warned. :)


Question #1


“I wrote an epic blog post but barely anyone read it. How do I get people to read it?”

-Billy B.

There is this misconception that all you have to do to get massive amounts of traffic is to write amazing content.

It’s not true. Continue Reading…

The Story of Roger’s Shoes

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When your phone rings at 1 a.m., your heart stops.

Nothing good happens at that time of day.

I can remember several of these phone calls growing up…

1998: My best friend getting a call to tell him his dad was dead.

2003: Getting the call that our childhood dog had died.

2007: Receiving the call that my grandmother had died.

On this day three years ago, I received another one of those calls. I remember it vividly:

My wife was crying.

I was half asleep.

I stood in the shower trying to make sense of it.

I cried.

Three years ago my father-in-law died. He died much too young. It was one of the saddest days of my life because Roger Andrews was one of the best people on the planet.

Today, I want to tell you about him.

Continue Reading…

How to double your email list in 24 hours (Case Study)

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Want to double your email list instantly?

When most people think about doubling their list size, this is what they envision.

They envision doubling their 500 subscribers to 1,000 subscribers.

The thinking is that if you double the number of people on your list then you’ll also double the results you are getting from your list.

  • Clicks on your emails will double.
  • Traffic to your site from your list will double.
  • Sales will double.

And it’s true. They will. But there is an easier way to double the results from your list.

Do you know what the answer is?



Last week I discovered a framework that gives you all of the benefits of doubling your list BUT requires only a fraction of the effort.

Instead of 920 people clicking on my email form the prior week, 1,874 people took action on this week’s email.


Today I’m going to show you exactly what I did and teach you the framework so you can do the same thing.

Free Exclusive Download: Download the Bullet Hook Framework checklist . This is the exact checklist I used to double the responsiveness of my list.
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