Is it possible to pick a topic, build an email list and launch a product in 48 hours?

On Thursday, I started the 48-Hour List-Building Challenge to show you there is no reason you can’t start a list and make money from it right now.

I challenged myself to start from scratch, not use my existing traffic, email list or social channels.

Just follow the blueprint in my list building course, Get 10,000 Subscribers, and see what happens.


48 hours later…here are the results:

Final totals: 205 subscribers and $247 in sales.

All from scratch in 2 days.

You can do the exact same thing.

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Can you build a list and launch a product in 48 hours?

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Take a guess…

What’s the #1 question people have about building an email list?

Answer = How long does it take?

How long does it take to build a list?

How long does it take to make a product?

How long does it take to make MONEY?


Solid question.

Most people look at building a list as a looooong-term play. Something that takes years to cobble together and even more time to make money from.

That’s silly.

I was on live chat the other day with someone looking at buying my new course, Get 10,000 Subscribers. And we were having this exact convo.

I told them…

There is NO reason you can’t start a list today and have 100 subscribers in a week.

Guess what he said?

“Prove it.”


I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

Over the next 48 hours I am going to start an email list from scratch and launch a product to that list.

Am I nervous? Yep!

But if my course is good at all, it should work. I should be able to get 100 email subscribers, come up with a product and get someone on that list to buy it.

And if I can, you can too.

So, here is the deal.

Tuesday I asked for ideas on what topic I should pick.

I threw out a few suggestions: Continue Reading…

48-hour List Building Challenge

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Guess what!

Turns out today is not only the launch of my brand new course, Get 10,000 Subscribers (shameless plug), it’s also the TWO YEAR anniversary of Videofruit being in existence.


I’m going to put on my old man hat for a minute…

“It seems like just yesterday that this thing started.”

Seriously though, it’s nuts that 50,000 of you read this blog every month.

I’m truly grateful.

Thank you!

Want to see how it all started?

With this little Facebook post…


No huge launch. No fan fare.

I didn’t even have a website.

I just asked people to DM me if they wanted to learn more about something I was doing.

Super simple.

It doesn’t have to be complicated at all.

Making money from your list doesn’t have to be complicated either.

Three days after posting that message I emailed all 26 of my new email subscribers and asked them to pre-order my course on making explainer videos.

Guess what happened?

$800 in sales happened!

Want to learn how to

I’ll show you.

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Send this exact email to get your first customer (swipe copy included)

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This month I’ve been walking you through the step-by-step process of starting your first online business.

Here is the framework we’ve been following:

Step 1: Find a popular blog post that teaches a specific marketing tactic.

Step 2: Identify people who want that marketing tactic implemented in their business.

Step 3: Get them to pay you money to do it for them.

A handful of people have run with these strategies. Started their own business. Even quit their jobs.

But let’s be honest for a minute…

99% of you have tried and failed.

Why is that?

Last week I picked up the phone and talked with several of you to find out.

I wanted to know what was going on.

What I discovered was this:

When it comes time to pitch your service and get your prospects to pay you…the wheels fall off.

Today I’m going to teach you the simple framework I’ve used for more than 10 years to pitch and close any service.

It’s helped me sell everything from multimillion-dollar conveyor systems to marketing services.

By the end of this article, you’ll have everything you need to pitch and close your first customer.

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Let’s recap…

A few weeks ago I told you the story of Jonathan (he read this blog post and started a $2,500 per month business in 5 days).

Three things happened after you read that story….

FIRST, you got really excited.

THEN, you went out and attempted to replicate what Jonathan did.

FINALLY, you realized you sucked at it: this wasn’t a magic bullet…

..and (just like everything else in life) you would have to keep practicing.

You aren’t alone.

I’ve personally mentored a handful of Videofruit readers over the past year to help them follow the same path as Jonathan.

What I’ve found is there are three main roadblocks that you immediately run into when implementing this formula.

Roadblock #1: You can’t find the email address of the person you want to pitch.

Roadblock #2: You completely skip building relationships with your prospects.

Roadblock #3: Your pitch sucks.

Last week we started tackling each of these roadblocks.

(Note: If you haven’t read the first post in this series, go do that now.)

I showed you how to quickly find the email of nearly any major influencer online.

And I left you with three action items…

Action Item #1: Pick the service you will offer.

Action Item #2: Make a list of 10 people you would like to work with.

Action Item #3: Subscribe to each prospect’s newsletter.

Did you do that?

If not, stop reading and go do that now.

If you did, good work!

You’re ready to move to the next step. Continue Reading…