Update to the List Goal User Interface

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Holiday festivities don’t kickoff around here until 5 p.m. so my morning has consisted of:

  • Finishing up a book I’ve been reading
  • Compiling your feedback from yesterday and updating the List Goal interface

First, lets review your feedback and then I’ll show you the updated version of List Goal.

I compiled all of your comments and then noodled over them for a few hours trying to identify the points of consensus. Then I compared them against my original objective for the app.

There were three takeaways:

1. Two Number Rule: The interface MUST be kept extremely clean. I set a new rule that the primary user interface must never have more than two numbers displayed on it at one time.

This forces minimalism which encourages focus.

2. The BIG Number: The primary purpose of List Goal is to help you grow your email list by setting a growth goal and then constantly reminding you of that goal.  Continue Reading…

How a Blogger Can Build a Web App in Four Weeks

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It’s been two weeks.

That’s when you last got an update on the status of List Goal, the new email list-building app that we’re creating together live on this blog.

The app is coming along really well. It looks sexier than the last time we talked and it actually works now. (Woot!)

Today you will get…

1) Full rundown of the entire development process

2) Sneak peak at the app (!!)

3) Chance to give your feedback on one really important feature.

Let’s get going.

How a writer can build a web app from scratch

Several of you have asked how you can build an application like List Goal for your business.

Teaching software development isn’t the focus of this blog. However, using lightweight apps as a lead generation mechanism is an incredibly effective marketing strategy. So we are going to approach the subject from that angle.

To build an application like List Goal there is a seven step process that you need to follow. Continue Reading…

Passive Traffic: How to Get Traffic to Your Blog While You Sleep

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You’ve heard of passive income before, right?

That’s the holy grail of any business. Work for 5 hours and make $10,000.

Lately, though, I’ve been interested in something else.

Passive traffic.


To grow any business you have to have traffic. Walmart, Lifehacker and Google all have the exact same business model.

Get traffic and then monetize it.

So it stands to reason Continue Reading…

Email Sucks Challenge: How to Find 8 Hours of Extra Time

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Do you wish you were healthier?

I do. Working from home has been a disaster on the “don’t eat tons of junk food” front.

Then last week I finally snapped.

I moved our extra refrigerator into the garage, bought a chain and locked up all the junk that I’m tempted to eat during the day.

The key to the lock went in my wife’s car so it would be Continue Reading…

Mailbag: The Psychic Writing Tool Edition

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It’s Tuesday and time for the mailbag.

Whether you are stuck in a cubicle or you’re sitting on the couch eating bon-bons and watching Oprah, it’s time to make your day better.

The Tool of the Week

What if there was a psychic tool that would tell you the exact topics you need to write about?

What if that same tool showed the exact language your customers use, whether more people talked about those topics last month than this month and the exact number of people actively searching for your topics?

Would that be helpful?

How much would you pay for it?

My friend asked me this recently.

My answer? $300 per month.

His answer? It’s free and it’s called Keyword Planner, you idiot! Continue Reading…