Yesterday I ate lunch with an 80 year old man who still gets up at 6am every morning.

He volunteers at a local parking lot where he spends each morning monitoring the lot for 2 hours. He does this so that he can talk to the high school kids who park there for school each day.

His mission?

Encourage them. Bless them. Be there for them. Speak positivity into their lives.

The next 2 hours of his morning he spends reading. Mostly scholarly works pertaining to his Christian faith.

But he challenges himself. He challenges his ideals and beliefs every single day.

He’s currently obsessed with Buddha. (he has some really interesting theories pertaining to him)

Then the next hour he spends writing. Articles. Blog posts. Speeches he might give one day. Anything that comes to mind.

He does all of this by 11am each morning.

When I asked him why he followed this routine, he responded

What’s the #1 thing you are procrastinating on?

I know what mine is.

For 18 months, I’ve performed over 100 different marketing experiments and reported the results back to you with detailed case studies on how you can use the experiments in your business.

But there is one thing I’ve completely avoided…

Facebook Ads.

It’s time to change that!


I have a goal of growing my email list to 40,000 email subscribers by September 30th.

Currently I have 17,134.

One of the 4 core strategies I originally planned to use to hit my goal was paid advertising.

But we’re 24 days into the quarter and I’ve been dragging my feet. Mainly because I’m completely intimidated by it.

• “What if I waste a bunch of money?”

• “How do I create a good ad?”

• “What if my ad doesn’t convert?”

• “What audiences should I target?”

• “What if my tracking isn’t set up correctly and I don’t know who converted and who didn’t?”

You know… all the stupid crap we get hung up on when doing something new.

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When I was 7 years old, my brother and I opened up a baseball card shop.

It was my first “business.”

Yes, we sold them out of the window of our bedroom.

No, we never made any profit.

In fact, on our first day of business we got scammed. This big kid from down the street came and pillaged through a basket of crappy cards we had lying to the side.

Then after a few minutes of digging through the basket, he offered us $20 for the entire thing.

If you’ll remember back to when you were 7 years old, $20 was the modern-day equivalent of a brand new car.



What we didn’t know at the time was that he had swiped our Bo Jackson rookie card from the top of another pile and put it at the bottom of the pile in the basket.

Scamming his way to a $100 card.

Hours after the transaction went down we discovered our mistake and realized we’d been had.

Lesson. Learned.

It’s really easy to look at sexy headlines like the ones I’ve used over the past few weeks and think everything has been all roses and butterflies.

“How we used a Post-Launch Sequence to add $40,684 in sales”

“How to launch an online course and make $220,750 in 10 days”

The truth is… under the hood… I screwed a bunch of stuff up.

I learned a lot of lessons.

Disappointed quite a few people.

Lost a good bit of money.

Today I want to share those lessons with you, so that when you launch your next product you don’t repeat the same dumb mistakes I’ve made.



It’s hard.

There is a pecking order of hard decisions in life…

1. Naming your child
2. Finding a spouse
3. Pricing your product

When I was creating the Get 10,000 Subscribers course, I went through a 5-step process to find the “right” price.

It was the difference in my launch producing $23,000 in sales and $220,000 in sales.

You can use this process to price anything. It helped keep me from making a fatal error when launching my course…


Today, I’m going to show you that process.

I was feeling especially artsy today. So instead of writing a 3,000-word blog post on pricing, I thought I’d make it fun for both of us by turning the process into a comic strip style thing. Enjoy!
Here is how it works…

I’ve noticed a trend…

… a really bad trend!

Something that has to stop TODAY.

See if you can spot it in this blog post comment:

See it?

Here is what is happening: