A few months ago I put a little bar at top of every page on my website.

It looked like this…

The technical name for this bar is a universal call to action. Which is really just a fancy way of saying “something that everyone on your website sees no matter what page they are on.”

It works like this: You write a sexy little headline, give out something of value and you get leads in return.

Only problem was, when I looked at the numbers, I noticed that it wasn’t all that effective.

Here are the numbers:

2,500 people saw the bar

45 people clicked the bar

Total conversion rate = 1.8%

What makes someone world-class?

Recently I had lunch with 3 really successful people and asked them that question. Their answers?

Hard work.
Never quitting.
That’s all true. 100% true.

But there is something else that makes them great.


Don’t believe me? Go find the best home builder in your town. Then take away his hammer and nails and see what happens.

Having the right tools makes ALL the difference in the world. A skill set is great. Persistence is huge. But having the correct set of tools is irreplaceable.

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Last night I was sitting on the couch, watching TV and checking Twitter when I saw something that made me feel really silly.

I’m always trying to devise new ways to grow my list. New apps, tips, tricks and techniques.

And then I saw this…

How do you get more traffic?

Easy. Bribe people to tell their friends about you. :)

Think about it…

A few years back I started using Dropbox. Shortly after I signed up, they told me that if I would refer a few friends to use their service, then they would give me more storage.

Referring people is easy. So I did. And as a result they upgraded me from 2GB of storage to 10GB.

This is called an ethical bribe and it’s extremely effective.

How can you use this?

Check out what Noah Kagan and the team over at SumoMe are doing.

Do you want more customers?

One of the quickest and most hacky ways to get more customers is to make a hit list: a list of folks who are either already buying from your competitors or are using products tangentially related to the product (or service) you sell.

Then reach out to every person on your list and tell them about your product.

Here is a super simple way to do that:

Step 1: Use NerdyData.com to get a list of websites using your competitor’s product.