The “Double Reverse” Launch: How One Month made $15,000 in 24 hours

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9th grade.

That was when I took my first programming class.

14 year old Bryan was bored out of his mind and retained exactly ZERO knowledge from that class.

Then 2 years ago when I decided to make my first web app I immediately regretted not paying attention. I had to hire a developer that could build it for me.

That cost $2,000. Ugh.

Over the last 2 weeks, you’ve been learning about launch sequences. If you’re like me and haven’t been paying close attention, consider this your $2,000 moment.


Today we’re taking a look at a launch sequence put together by One Month.

One Month is a small startup that trains programmers with 30-day focused courses. Their flagship program is One Month Rails. Naturally they charge for these courses and they do extremely well with the model.

A few weeks ago I noticed they were launch a new program called One Month Stripe. So, I started paying attention to HOW they were launching it.

Check out their email sequence.

I jumped on the horn with their head of marketing the morning after the launch and we broke down the entire process.

Today you are getting two things:

  1. Full breakdown of the One Month Strip Launch. Including emails and analysis.
  2. Behind the scenes interview with the One Month head of marketing.

Ready to go?


One thing I forgot to tell you. Remember how Nathan Barry made $16,000 in 72 hours?

One Month did $15,000 in 24 hours with this launch.

Lets jump in.

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Nathan Barry’s Launch Sequence that Generated $16,000 in 72 hours

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What’s the point of building an email list?

I like y’all and all that, but at the end of the day, a boy’s gotta eat. Know what I mean?


It’s taboo to talk about for some reason. But the only way to know if your content and product are worth a crap is if people will pay you for it.

That’s where launch sequences come in.

One Made $43,380 and the Other Lost $1,385.

Two years ago I built my first piece of software: an iOS app called Ad-Quiz. My partner and I spent $2,000 on it and one other app.

We built them, tested them, spent a bunch of money and time. Then…



We made $615 of our $2,000 back. We had no plan on how to get people to buy.

Fast forward two years.

I decided this past March to launch a coaching program. I’d learned my lesson, though., and knew that I had to have a plan in place. So I wrote a series of emails that led up to the launch of the program.

The program sold out in 2 hours.

Then I doubled the price and restarted the sequence to a new segment of the list.

It sold out again. It sells out in minutes every time I have new spots available.

Is that because I’m awesome? No.

It’s because I use an effective launch sequence.

Today, I want to share with you a tested and proven launch sequence that you can use to launch your next product.

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Raise your hand if you know what a launch sequence is.

A handful of you…OK.

Let’s back up a minute and get the rest of you up to speed.

3 years ago I was in charge of the youth group at our church. That group of teenagers was notorious for not…you know…showing up to stuff. 

When I took over we had a total of 12 kids. However, the average attendance was 6 people on a Sunday and a fraction of that for our mid-week meet-up. Even worse, 2 of the main leaders in that group were seniors who had graduated and were leaving for college.

By the end of my time as the youth group leader, the average attendance was 11 kids on Sunday and 7 at mid-week. Continue Reading…

How to make $1,000 in the next 14 days without an idea

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Here is the quickest way I know of to start a business.

It requires:

  • NO money
  • NO website
  • NO business card

It’s very basic.

Find a really well-written “how-to” article. Then offer the solution that article provides as a service to everyone who shared it on social media. Use the step-by-step instructions from the article to learn how to offer the service.

No experience required.

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Brilliant magic trick that Apple used to launch the iPhone 6

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Ever been to a magic show?

The magician’s job is misdirection. He sends your attention one way while performing the actual trick out of sight.

Magic 101.

If you missed it, Apple announced the new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch on Tuesday. Any time Apple has a launch, Videofruit HQ shuts down and pays close attention. I’m always looking for ways to make my business better and Apple has some of the best marketers in the world. However, I was a little disappointed afterwards.

Every article I’ve read from the “marketing experts” covered the misdirection, not the actual trick.

Today I want to show you one of Apple’s “tricks.” The best part is that it’s something you can implement in your business immediately, no matter what stage you’re at or how big you are.

It’s called the Launch Giveaway

… and it has the ability to boost your buy rate from 10% to 60%.

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