Raise your hand if you’re frustrated with how fast your audience is growing.

<C’mon, raise it.>

Why is that?

Why have other people broken through, rapidly built their email lists and launched products, yet you are still floundering?

Here is why: Because you are doing the same ol’ outdated strategies that worked in 2012 but don’t work today.

The same lame guest posts on the same 10 “influencer” blogs.
The same lame blog commenting strategy.
The same lame round-up posts then emailing me to tell me to share it.
The same lame procrastination technique of “redesigning your website.”

Stop doing what everyone else is doing.

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6 months ago I published this blog post.

It outlined a rad traffic and viral sharing strategy that the team over at Sumome was using.

The basic gist was this:

  1. They gave away free access to a course called Traffic1m
  2. To get it you had to give them you’re email
  3. Once you gave them your email they offered you free VIP access to the course (a slack group and resource guide)
  4. To get VIP access you needed to share the Traffic1m course on Twitter and email an invite to one friend
  5. ^^^ This generates a tight little viral loop where for every person that signs up several more people find out about it and get invited to the course as well.
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Last summer a few friends mentioned they might want to sell our course, Get 10,000 Subscribers, to their audiences.

Apparently in internet lingo this is called “being an affiliate.”

(More on that in a minute.)

This immediately started a flood of ideas on how a group of affiliates selling 10ksubs could be super awesome. 

But there was one big problem: I had no clue on how to run an affiliate program.

Thus, I had a million questions…

Writing is easy.

Just pick up a pencil and start putting words on paper.

(Or if you were born after 1925, use a computer. It’s faster.)

But writing stuff that people actually want to read?

That’s hard.


If you’re anything like me, you tend to overcomplicate the process.

The great idea you had at 8 a.m. turns into a 12 hour escapade that leaves you frustrated and swearing that you’ll never do this again.

For example…

Today is going to be the craziest thing we’ve ever done at Videofruit.

It’s one of those ideas you have where it sounds brilliant, then the closer your get the scarder you get. Then it’s too late to back out and you have to plow through anyway.

Here is the story…

  • Last year we launched an online course for the first time
  • We quickly found that planning a launch is a NIGHTMARE
  • There are a crap ton of moving parts…
  • Webinars
  • Video series
  • Close carts
  • Open carts
  • Bonuses
  • eBooks
  • Affiliates


So I asked myself a few months ago….

“Self…how can we make this easier?“