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This month I’ve been walking you through the step-by-step process of starting your first online business.

Here is the framework we’ve been following:

Step 1: Find a popular blog post that teaches a specific marketing tactic.

Step 2: Identify people who want that marketing tactic implemented in their business.

Step 3: Get them to pay you money to do it for them.

A handful of people have run with these strategies. Started their own business. Even quit their jobs.

But let’s be honest for a minute…

99% of you have tried and failed.

Why is that?

Last week I picked up the phone and talked with several of you to find out.

I wanted to know what was going on.

What I discovered was this:

When it comes time to pitch your service and get your prospects to pay you…the wheels fall off.

Today I’m going to teach you the simple framework I’ve used for more than 10 years to pitch and close any service.

It’s helped me sell everything from multimillion-dollar conveyor systems to marketing services.

By the end of this article, you’ll have everything you need to pitch and close your first customer.

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Let’s recap…

A few weeks ago I told you the story of Jonathan (he read this blog post and started a $2,500 per month business in 5 days).

Three things happened after you read that story….

FIRST, you got really excited.

THEN, you went out and attempted to replicate what Jonathan did.

FINALLY, you realized you sucked at it: this wasn’t a magic bullet…

..and (just like everything else in life) you would have to keep practicing.

You aren’t alone.

I’ve personally mentored a handful of Videofruit readers over the past year to help them follow the same path as Jonathan.

What I’ve found is there are three main roadblocks that you immediately run into when implementing this formula.

Roadblock #1: You can’t find the email address of the person you want to pitch.

Roadblock #2: You completely skip building relationships with your prospects.

Roadblock #3: Your pitch sucks.

Last week we started tackling each of these roadblocks.

(Note: If you haven’t read the first post in this series, go do that now.)

I showed you how to quickly find the email of nearly any major influencer online.

And I left you with three action items…

Action Item #1: Pick the service you will offer.

Action Item #2: Make a list of 10 people you would like to work with.

Action Item #3: Subscribe to each prospect’s newsletter.

Did you do that?

If not, stop reading and go do that now.

If you did, good work!

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How to get to know any professional blogger (3 actionable steps)

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Hearing the stories of Jonathan and Devesh over the last few weeks has been extremely motivating for me.

Two regular dudes.

Both hustling hard.

And both breaking through online by following the Santa Claus formula.

But here is the rub…

Many of you have tried to do the same thing and have completely failed.

I’ve noticed three specific failure points:

#1. You can’t find the email addresses of the people you want to pitch.

#2: You completely skip building relationships with your prospects.

#3. Your pitch sucks.

Over the next few weeks you’re going to learn how to fix all three of these problems.

This week I’m going to show you the simplest way to find the email addresses of major influencers and how to start building a relationship with them. Continue Reading…

How Jonathan Made $2,000 in 5 Days Without a Business Idea (Case Study)

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Quick question…

What were you doing 6 months ago today?

Chances are you were sitting in the exact same position you are right now.

Reading ANOTHER blog post about marketing,

Listening to ANOTHER podcast interview,

…and making excuses about about how you are different and why that stuff would never work for you.

Consider this your wake-up call…

giphy (1)

While you were making excuses, this guy started a business and made $2k in 5 days.

6 months ago I wrote an article outlining the simplest way I know to make money (online or offline).

And guess what?

One person read that article and ACTUALLY IMPLEMENTED WHAT HE READ.

Shocking, right?

While you were all passively reading and dreaming about what life could be like, this guy actually got off his butt and did something.

My new friend Jonathan took the steps laid out in that blog post and hustled his face off.

Within five days…yes, FIVE DAYS…of reading that article, he had started his new company and generated $2,100 in sales.

That was more than he used to make in an entire month of work.

Today, I’m going to show you what Jonathan did and how you can do the exact same thing.

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Over 150,000 New Email Subscribers in 30 Days (List Goal Update)

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It’s been 90 days since the last update on List Goal

… and a lot has happened.

1. The minimal viable version was completed.

2.  Three different developers were hired (and then fired).

3. The app completely crashed.

4. Then we found a good developer, fixed the app and did a soft launch to 100 beta users.

5. Over 150,000 new email subscribers have been added by the beta group.

It’s been a grind.

But to see people actively growing their list as a result of using List Goal has been incredibly fulfilling.

Today I’m going to give you an in-depth look at the entire process, what I learned and how you can download a copy ASAP.

Note: Don’t worry if you’re late to the party and have no idea what List Goal is. I’ll get you up to speed.

The List Goal development process in one cute pic

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